Posted by: victanguera | September 2, 2009

Writing Prompt #58

Years ago, I had this amazing idea and decided to write a novel about it. I started a file and started to create characters, figuring how how everyone fit together, their history, why they would act in certain ways in certain situations. And my computer crashed and I lost every single bit of back story. I hadn’t written one word of the actual story, but I couldn’t complete it. The idea still niggles around in my head the odd time, but nothing comes of it.

When I started my current WIP, I dove in to the deep end. Middle of a story, no history, no idea who my characters were or how the relate to one another. Or I had one idea, but something else took over completely. Now I’m trying to fix that brokenness. Not easy.

So for today’s prompt, create the back story for a set of characters. You don’t have to write an actual scene, just figure out who your characters are and how they relate to one another.


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