Posted by: victanguera | August 16, 2009

Exercise #46

Let me know with a thumbs up if you’d like this continued.

This much past nightfall, Trina knew she shouldn’t still be in the graveyard. Cold air seeped through her jacket, and she pulled it closer, trying to peer through the mist. Checking the glowing green dial on her watch, she gnawed at the inside of her lip in anxiety. In her mind, she went over their carefully laid plans. And their meeting location. Something she did every time Anthony failed to show up when expected.

Trina decided to give him another ten minutes. This close to the zombie uprising, she couldn’t afford to wait any longer than that.



  1. Zombies are over done. But people like them. This story beginning takes me there. I just found you yesterday so dont stop now! 🙂

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