Posted by: victanguera | August 15, 2009

Exercise #45

Wow, I’m finding this prompt very difficult. Although I know exactly what my main character’s space looks like, I can’t seem to portray it from another point of view without telling. I want to show the wonderful clean lines, the amazing hardwood floors, and pristine, well-loved space. But that’s telling. The antagonist wouldn’t notice those things (or necessarily care about them).

I’m also wondering why she’d go in the protagonist’s home anyway, unless she’s looking for something. It gives me some interesting ideas, though. I’ve got one scene in the WIP that really bothers me. If the antagonist broke into Tavi’s place, another scene would work exceptionally well.

So what is Centhia looking for? I don’t think I can write an actual scene until I answer that question. But here are a couple observations she makes until I figure those things out. Then I’ll come back and finish the scene.

Wood flew in splinters, showering the pristine old porch. Centhia reached through the hole, unlocked the door, and stepped into a living room that could serve as a prop in a magazine spread. She wanted to sink into the leather on the butter coloured couch, but didn’t. Tavi didn’t own a coffee table, or one of those funny little side things that collected papers or coffee rings.

“Wow, that’s a lot of music,” a troll said. He pressed up close to Centhia’s back, trying to push his way past her into the room. She stared at his enormous feet, encased in muddy boots.

“Take those things off if you’re coming in here.” Centhia strode into the room, past the music collection into what must be the dining room. A low counter separated the room from an equally pristine kitchen. “God, this woman is a neat freak with a thing for white.”


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