Posted by: victanguera | August 4, 2009

Writing Prompt #37

For today’s prompt I provide another photo:

Veteran of the psychic wars * (Mister Disaster serie 02)



  1. Cool photo. Certainly idea-generating. Like your blog banner too. Maui right?
    Do you like to or allow others to participate in the challenges?

    • Yes, please feel free to participate. If you want to write something for any of the other prompts as well, you are welcome to. You can post your results here or on your own blog. If you post on your own blog, leave a link here if you’d like so others can enjoy your writing.

      Not sure if the blog banner is Maui. It’s one of the wordpress backgrounds. Because I live on an Island in the Pacific (well barely, more like the strait before the Pacific), I thought it fit.

      I picked the photo for today’s prompt because it came up on flickr on a search for strange. And it’s under a creative commons license–even better.

      Have fun with the prompt!

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  3. Done. Here’s my entry. Love to hear your thoughts.


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