Posted by: victanguera | August 4, 2009

Exercise #37

Csec Compound
Friday, 13:52

Yet another transmission arrived, garbled and virtually unreadable. Will scanned it anyway before crumpling it into a tight ball.

“Bloody crap. How’s any one supposed to have a clue what’s going on when they send us drivel like that.” The paper sailed from his fingers in a perfect arc, landing in the centre of the waste receptacle. “Three points.”

“No way.” Henry raised an eyebrow and examined the placement of Will’s chair. “Only two points unless you’re behind the desk when you throw. And you leaned.” Papers littered the floor around the basket. Between the two men, they’d only managed to score with a handful of missives. “What did that one say? Same drivel as the last?”

“Hard to tell. It wasn’t much more readable than the last. Do you want to look?”

Will reached toward the basket. Henry placed his feet on the desk, stared at his watch. Straightened his shirt cuffs.

“Nah. God, sometimes the days just stretch interminably, don’t they.”

Bangla Station
Friday, 13:56

“Any word from Csec Station yet?” Commander Grady stared at the readout below him, brows furrowed.


Grady reached for the comm. Growling in frustration, he swept it off the desk. It skittered across the floor to end in a broken heap against the wall. Three hours without raising a signal. Three hours.

“Try the link again.”

The clack of computer keys was the only response to Grady’s command.

Csec Station
Friday, 14:02

Henry reached over and ripped the page off the printer, reading the strange message in front of him. He could discern at least three words on this one. Sliding the unrumpled note across the desk, he stood up, sending his chair crashing into the trash can. Paper scattered across the floor.

“You bring your case? Guess we need it today after all.”

Will nodded and reached under the desk, pulling out a battered leather suitcase. Snapping open the locks, he removed his gas mask and top hat.

“Are you ready,” Will asked. Henry only nodded, his mask already in place. “We’ll take the tracks then. If we get separated you know where to meet.”

A ghostly was the only reply as Henry took a deep breath. Pulling his mask into place and adjusting the goggles, Will opened the door to a strange, sepia light. The psychic wars had started.


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