Posted by: victanguera | August 1, 2009

Writing Prompt #36

Aak, so apparently I am completely unable to write something without a dialog tag. I keep thinking of leaving rooms, or drinking coffee, facial expressions and all those little fiddly bits. So I’m going to admit failure and post another prompt. This one has until Monday to complete (yeah for long weekends).

We all have core values, whether we recognize them or not. I’ve got a fairly decent handle on most of mine. One is that I hate lying. Another is loyalty. And yet another is a hatred of gossip. A few years ago, an individual told me something that led to a raft of consequences. I could have solved the problem by telling another individual involved what I’d been told. I discovered I’d rather lie than gossip. But because this breaks one of my core values, it leaves me very unhappy. Very.

So for the next prompt, give your character a set of core values, those things that define who they are and how they behave. Now stick them in a situation where they have to choose between core values. Now show us what happens.


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