Posted by: victanguera | July 28, 2009

Exercise #31

Even the phobia part of arachnophobia doesn’t seem to do the word justice. Staring at the web in front of me didn’t make it disappear either. Instead, intense scrutiny seemed to make it bigger. But that had to be the phobia talking.

“Don’t be such a wuss. Just push it out of the way,” Manuel said. Not knowing the truth, he could make such flippant comments.

Me, I could stare at the thing in horror, watching it pulsate in front of me. But thinking it pulsated could just be the phobia.

“You really are trying to kill me, aren’t you,” I asked.

“For god’s sack, Trisha. It’s only a spider web. “Look, I’m sure that is the case they talked about.” He rattled the glossy brochure he’d been handed at the cave entrance. But he didn’t reach through the web either.

Yeah, he really didn’t know anything. Then again, Arachna wasn’t his mother.

“I can’t.” Jewelled treasures. The brochure had been so wrong. So far, all we’d found were webs, each one sucessively larger. “We need to go back.”

I knew what waited for us at the other end of this gossamer trail with her fat black body and pulsing red underbelly. I knew how juicy she’d find Manuel.

And what she’d demand from me.

Paper rustled beside me as Manuel examined the map. Small red x‘s marked off our passage deeper into her lair.

And closer to Manuel’s death.

Laying my hand on his forearm, I drew a deep breath, prepared to tell him the truth.

But it was already too late.


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