Posted by: victanguera | July 24, 2009

Day #28 Exercise

Trina fondled the mask, covered in feathers and glittering jewels. Earlier that day, she’d found it in a second hand shop and decided on impulse to purchase it. Not so much impulse as urging. Samantha’s urging.

“Oh my god, look at this.” Samantha had waved the thing under Trina’s nose, practically bouncing up and down in excitement. “Now you have to come to the ball with me. You have absolutely no excuse.”

“I haven’t bought the thing,” Trina said, turning her back on the monstrosity, hoping Samantha would get the hint and leave her alone. There was no way she would go to the masquerade. But the stupid mask captivated Trina enough that she’d snuck one peak at it before her friend set it back on the shelf.

That one peak is all Samantha needed.

“Okay, I’ll buy it for you then,” she’d said and marched Trina to the till before any argument could ensue, whirled her through the afternoon fitting her into a sexy backless dress that Trina could never imagine wearing in public. Except in the mask.

“God, I’m so scared,” Trina said. The mask hung from one hand, almost warm against her palm. “I can’t go in there.” Her hand strayed once more to the bare skin of her back, low along one hip.

“Put the mask on. Everything will be fine.”

Samantha grabbed it from Trina’s unresisting fingers and slid it into place. Already it started to work magic and her posture became little straighter, her shoulders further back. Pushing open the door to the ball, she swooped inside without hesitation, a secret grin in place.

“This dance, mi’lady.” A white gloved hand reached for hers. A harlequin mask met her gaze, piercing dark eyes bored into hers. Trina nodded, but didn’t speak.

Behind the mask, words were no longer necessary.


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