Posted by: victanguera | July 22, 2009

Writing Prompt #26

Quirks are can help define a character, and often better than pages of description about eye colour, height and weight ever could. The main character in my WIP reminds herself to breath whenever things get intense. Another character has an iPod that he’s connected to like a lifeline.

For today’s prompt, imagine a character quirk and develop that, either for a secondary character in your book (that lacks a quirk) or for a new character. Who knows, it might lead you to a character that deserves their own story.



  1. Tynan bites the corner of her lower lip when she is scrambling to untangle her mind she always absently spins her engagement ring with her thumb around her finger. She snorts when she laughs….all of my girl characters snort because i snort so 🙂 it is cool

    Trinity tilts her head to the side like a bird when someone says something that she is confused by.

    Devyn blows Xavier a kiss, that is her typical silent answer for yes, no, maybe, maybe not but either way you are going to find out.

    Devyn also blows her bangs out of her eyes when she is irritated but doesn’t want to verbalize it.

    Bijou nervously fiddles with things like the zipper on her jacket, sliding the pendant back and forth on her necklace.

    • Thanks for posting those. I like Devyn’s blowing her bangs out of her eyes. That makes a great visual.

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