Posted by: victanguera | July 22, 2009

Day #26 Exercise

“We can’t leave yet,” Melanie said. Pulling the paper closer, she nibbled on the end of the pen. Bags packed. That had been done the night before. Stroking it off the list, she pulled another pad closer. This contained things to do on the flight. Had she packed a book? She checked her list with items to pack in her carry on bag. Book didn’t even appear on the list. “I haven’t even packed a book to take on the flight. Did you bring one?”

Richard stood by the door, arms folded across his chest. Bags nestled at his feet, like a flock of birds.

“Yes. I packed an extra pair of underwear. My toothbrush. A comb. Do you want me to make a list? I’ve been ready for three days, Melanie.” He strode across the floor and crumpled her papers one by one. “Your lists are finished. We need to leave now or we will be late.”

“But I know I’ve forgotten something.” She chewed at the end of her pen, unfolding a crumpled piece of paper. “Socks. Did I pack the socks.”

“Yes. And I packed extra just in case they weren’t on your list. Stop worrying. It’s a cruise. Everything you could possibly want will be available.” Richard took her hand, stared into her eyes. “Including post-it notes and pens. You can make lists of all the things you want to see when we stop in port.”

Richard was right, but Melanie grabbed a pad of paper and pen, throwing them into her bag, just to be sure.


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