Posted by: victanguera | July 21, 2009

Day #25 Exercise

No Peace

Chandra threw her suitcases into the trunk of her car, slamming it closed with a resounding thump. It sounded as final as everything else in her life had lately.

“Will this be enough,” she thought as she stared back at the house, empty and silent beside her.

So much time had passed since Brandon’s death. Time enough to heal, to work past the anger and grief. But instead, his ghost followed every step Chandra took inside the house. She had found no peace so far, so she sold the house, hoping a move across country would be enough.

Sighing, she forced herself to get in the car and drive away. To leave him behind. She choked back a sob, regret and hope waring inside her. Driving through the night, she arrived at her new home believing hundreds of miles and one strait should be enough.

Unlocking the door, she admired the beautiful woodwork and ornate staircase. Her footsteps echoed hollowly on the hardwood floor as she examined room after empty room.

“Perfect,” she thought.

“It’s perfect.” Brandon’s voice echoed her thought, his touch cold against her arm. “Thank you. I couldn’t have chosen better myself. There is another ghost next door too.”

Rubbing her forehead, Chandra moaned.

“No peace. There is just no peace.”



  1. I like the way you narrate and describe the setting.
    Great job!

    • Thanks xxhawkeyexx. Love your poetry. Everyone should have a look!

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