Posted by: victanguera | July 19, 2009

Day #23 Exercise

Exhaustion. Strange how ten hours trapped on a plane behind a crying baby could be summed up in one small word. Now, all Yrena wanted was a hot bath and about fifteen hours in a cushy bed. At least she’d thought ahead and booked the best room the hotel had to offer. Swiping the key in the door, she propped it open with one toe and wrestled her bags in behind her.

“Holy shit,” Yrena said when she noticed a dozen long stemmed red roses on the pillow case. Smiling in pleasure, she opened the card tucked inside.

Welcome to Heavenly Hotels.
May your vacation be the best you’ve ever enjoyed.

This would be exactly what she needed after everything she’d gone through. Sleep overwhelmed her as soon as she laid down. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long.

Pounding music woke her up less than an hour later. Yrena groaned in frustration and pushed herself to a sitting position, like some kind of rag doll missing the stuffing.

“Oh god, this isn’t very heavenly,” she thought. She fumbled in the darkness for the phone beside her bed, determined to complain. It rang as Yrena’s fingers touched it. Her hello came out tainted by the shock she felt.

“Yrena, where are you.” Her mother’s voice sounded frantic on the other end of the phone.

“What do you mean, where am I? You called the hotel and woke me up from a deep sleep to ask me that. You already know where I went.” And why. Yrena thought for an insane moment that her mother had instigated the driving bass below her.

“I’m just so worried about you, that’s all. You can’t even call your mother, let her know you arrived safely. Thousands dead and you can’t even tell your mother you are okay.”

“Mother, I spent twelve hours on a plane and fell into bed in exhaustion. I’m sorry I thought about myself first.” So she exaggerated by a couple of hours to make her mother feel bad. Her mother’s words penetrated her sleep deprived brain. “Thousands dead?”

“Riots in the streets. Bombings. Then I saw the hotel on the news.” Yrena heard the choke in her mother’s voice as she realized the noise she heard wasn’t music.

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