Posted by: victanguera | July 12, 2009

Day #17 Exercise

I feel so real from the outside looking in, Kyvan sang to himself as he unplugged the USB cable and wound it into a tight little ball. The cable fit nicely into a slot on his washboard abs, not even visible once he slid the door shut. Patting his stomach in an almost affectionate gesture, he examined his meticulously pressed shirts, trying to decide between the azure blue and rosemary green.

I feel so real. The hanger squeaked in protest as he pushed a shirt along the metal pole, from the outside looking in. The green, he decided. It matched his eyes to perfection, a definite plus. Sliding an extra flash drive into his pocket just to be safe, Kyvan stepped outside into the brisk spring air. Waving to a neighbour, he made a great show of stretching languorously, face raised to the sun.

I feel so real, he sang again. And appearance is everything.


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