Posted by: victanguera | July 6, 2009

Day Twelve Exercise

“Oh my god, I’d totally do Carlos if he asked me,” Mindy said. She gulped too quickly at her margarita, almost spewing it back out on the table. Tabitha had that affect on her. In an attempt to look cool around her, Mindy often found she said and did things she regretted later. “It’s probably a good thing for me I don’t really know him.”

“I could introduce you,” Tabitha said, straw poised, ready to swoop into a matching raspberry red drink. “I totally think you should.” Using her straw as a weapon of mass pointing, she waved toward the door.

Where Carlos stood, in all his dark haired splendor, eyeing the room.

“You know Carlos?” She might not have mentioned his name if she’d known. Now she needed a way to take back her comment without looking stupid. Raising his arm, Carlos waved and muscled his way towards the table.

Mindy’s stomach dropped somewhere around the area of her knees and she checked behind her, but no quick escape existed. Or slow one for that matter.

“Hey Tabi.” Carlos grabbed a chair and straddled it. He stared at Mindy, and she felt a blush start in her navel and work its way slowly up over her face. “So introduce me to your beautiful friend.” Apparently he didn’t notice the violent scarlet colour of her skin.

“This Mindy. You should, you know.” Tabitha wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, picked up her drink and sauntered off without even looking back.

At least this should help the cool factor, Mindy thought.


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