Posted by: victanguera | July 4, 2009

Writing Prompt Day Ten

Contrasts came to mind for today’s prompt. I read a section of the poem “The Land of Cockaigne”. It includes heaven, monks and no work. And this:

When the Abbot thus does learn
That flying monks his summons spurn,
He takes what maiden he can find
And upward turns her white behind,
And beats the tabors with his hand,
To make his monks alight on land

When his monks that sight espy,
Down to the maiden quick they fly,
And to the wench they too attend,
And spank her on her white rear end.

Um, no!

The thought that monks would believe it okay to hit a woman for pleasure just appalls me. So that got me thinking about contrasts, how people that by all outward appearances should know to do what is right, but choose another course (or vise versa for that matter). For today, develop a character/situation where someone does the opposite of how you led us to believe they would act. To make it harder, the reader should accept your portrayal, both of the character and the contrasting action they take.


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