Posted by: victanguera | July 4, 2009

Day Ten Exercise

Alexandra hugged her books tight to her chest, searching the cafeteria for an empty table. Nothing. She’d have to sit with someone. And listen to their endless tales of woe or, worse yet, someone else’s woe. She’d rather stick her tongue in a fan than listen to yet another person tell her that Jason had buggered his knee in football practice, or that Caitlan and Ryan were going to the senior prom together. Oh, and don’t forget sleeping together.

Like she even cared.

Maneuvering through the crowded room, Alexandra finally found an empty table. Pulling out a book, she buried herself in it, hoping it would deflect any attempt at conversation.

“Poor girl. I don’t know how she can even show her face in school after everything that’s happened.” The table jostled as Caitlan fell into a seat beside Alexandra.”Oh, hi Alex. I didn’t see you there. You don’t mind if we sit here. The cafeteria is so crowded.”

Alexandra only buried her nose deeper into her book, trying to block out Caitlan’s presence.

“Well especially now that you and Ryan are… you know. So go on, then what happened once he took you home.”

Not like I really care, Alexandra thought. Done is done. She took a bite of goopy pasta, trying to make it a reality. Trying to pretend that she didn’t care that Ryan spent the night at Caitlin’s house.

“Hey.” Ryan’s hand on her shoulder startled Alexandra. She looked up to find the cafeteria deserted. “Why are you going around telling everyone I’m dating Caitlin? I just don’t get it.” He plopped into a seat beside her. “I’ve never known you to talk about anyone. Why now?”

Shaking her head in disbelief, Alexandra opened her mouth. Shut it. How could she tell him what she knew? Ryan leaned forward, invading her personal space. She tingled at his closeness. Sliding her chair back from him, she picked up her book again.

“That’s just it, Ryan. I don’t talk about people.” She slammed her books into her bag, refusing to make eye contact. Sighing heavily, Alexandra decided now was not the time to keep her mouth shut.  “I guess I never had any reason not to believed what she told me.”


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