Posted by: victanguera | July 1, 2009

Um, Goofed

I didn’t manage to get anything done yesterday with the writing prompt, so today will just be yesterdays. So consider this writing prompt 6.1.1. Or something.



  1. Allie’s entire life lay broken and scattered at her feet. Searching through her wallet she located her insurance adjuster’s card. At least I wasn’t home, she thought as she dialed the phone. She fondled the card in her hand. Ace Adjuster. She certainly hoped so.

    “I’ll be right there,” the suave sophisticated voice on the other end of the phone said when she told him about the mess. “Oh, and please don’t touch anything. I’ll need to take photos.”

    Sighing heavily, Allie agreed. She decided to sit outside to wait unable to look at drifts of detritus without cleaning.

    Within moments, or at least so it seemed to Allie, a sleek red sports car pulled up at the curb. A tall man, dressed in an Armani suit unfolded himself from the car and strode up the path.

    “Nigel,” he said, sticking a hand at her. She didn’t recognize him at all, but still allowed herself to enjoy his strong grip. His warm smile put her at ease and Allie grinned in response. “Tom couldn’t make it. He asked me to come instead. He sends his apologies.” He flicked a business card at her and pushed his way inside.

    Allie flipped the card over as she followed him.

    Grim Reaper Insurance Adjusters
    We Never Miss the Mark

    But the guy looked so… nice.

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