Posted by: victanguera | June 29, 2009

Writing Prompt Day Five

The Other Side of La BocaFor today, here is another photograph. La Boca is a barrio (neighbourhood) in Buenos Aires where many immigrants wound up when they first came to Argentina. They constructed houses out of corrigated metal. To brighten up their surroundings, they painted their houses vibrant colours. While in Buenos Aires last time, I walked from San Telmo to La Boca. The walk took me about 20 minutes and took me through the non-tourist area of La Boca. Not quite so polished here.



  1. Very education and informative. Glad I took the time to read this 🙂

    -Shelbie M Moore: Teen Author and Poet

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  2. How would these walls, which now appear stripped of all love, speak of what they once contained.

    Rosamund clutched her bag tight to her chest and stared across the ship rail. Rough seas had given way to a wide, glassy harbour. Soon she would be inside her new home. Diego had written almost every day, telling her about the beauty of Argentina. He’d painted pictures of enormous flowering trees, cobbled streets and intense heat.

    The docks swarmed with men, come to claim loved ones. Searching the sea of faces, Rosamund didn’t spot Diego. So many people, she shouldn’t hope to see him, but disappointment rushed through her anyway. Drifting with the press of bodies, she found herself on the cobbled street and swept into Diego’s waiting arms. She swipped away tears, angry that she’d allowed emotion to overwhelm her.

    “Come,” Diego said. “You will love it. I’ve painted it just for you. There are lace curtains and a little balcony where you can sit in the morning and watch the street. You will love it.”

    And he was right. She did.

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