Posted by: victanguera | June 26, 2009

Writing Prompt Day Two

Today’s writing prompt comes from the Rape of the Lock by Alexander Pope:

But when to mischief mortals bend their will,

How soon they find fit instruments of ill!

Finding time today will be tricky as I have a BBQ at a friends after work until–well late. Insert hysterical laughter here.



  1. Okay this is short, but something.

    Leaning against the shovel, Belinda rubbed at her back. Agony shot through her lower spine. Massaging muscles stiff from exertion, she groaned.

    Damn it Gregory. Where are you, she thought. He’d promised to help her dig the garden, preparing the dark loamy soil for planting. But three hours later and he still hadn’t shown up.

    Sighing, Belinda reached inside the bag for a tulip bulb. The papery skin crackled under her fingers as she plopped it inside the hole, smoothing over the dirt. Scuffing dirt over top with her shoe, she picked up the shovel, deciding she’d done enough for one day.

    “Aaagh,” Gregory moaned behind her.

    “Oh, now you decide to show up,” Belinda said, turning to confront him, anger ready.

    Dried blood spattered down the front of his pristine white shirt. One eye hung distended and lifeless on his cheek.

    The meaty thwack of her shovel against Gregory’s forehead resonated in her head as she dug the next hole.

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