Posted by: victanguera | June 25, 2009

Writing Prompt Day One

Vampires?For my first prompt, I’m choosing a photo I took in Recoleta Cemetary. Feel free to use the photo for your own writing prompt if it inspires you.



  1. Well, the first attempt is maybe a bit short. At least I did something. Hum, what to use for tomorrow.

    You weren’t supposed to go all vampire on me, Alexia thought, leaning her head against the cool glass. She shivered despite the humid night warmth. Strain pressed on her body like a rock. Three days she’d kept vigil sleeping in snippets during the day, fearful of discovery. Three days since she’d staked Peter through the heart and hidden his body deep inside Recoleta Cemetery. Three days believing the stake had not been enough.

    Now, this close to darkness, the fear became the worst. Ghostly shapes drifted around her, wafting on an unfelt current. Her vision blurred at the edges with lack of sleep. And tears.

    The solid weight of her camera reminded her of glimpsed images, darting across her retina. Images seen but never captured: Peter leaning over her, the moon full and round about him; black-clad beings climbing marble walls with fingers like suction cups; and Peter’s lips soft on her vulnerable neck, exposed to the warm night breeze.

    Alexia’s hand fluttered involuntarily to the hollow at her collarbone. Nothing. No spot or pain marked the remembrance of those lips. She stared at the coffin, already covered with centuries of dust. How long had she drifted here while time slivered away from her?

    Her numb fingers fumbled at the camera, and light flared in the screen. November 23rd flickered in the bottom corner, mocking her. Three days. Only three days.

    She knew Peter came out at night, circling around her and waiting for her eyes to shut, waiting for sleep to steel her away so he could claim her for his own. In the darkness, Alexia took one more photo of the dust-covered coffin, sighed and stood up, kissed her fingers and touched the glass.

    Good-bye, Peter, she thought. Good-bye.

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