Posted by: victanguera | May 12, 2009

Don’t Stop Now

For anyone that struggles with doubt about their writing, read this post on Author! Author! (You will have to scroll down to the May 12th post to read it as I can’t seem to link directly to it.  Basically, Anne reminds writers not to let doubts overtake them. Interesting, I get a newsletter from a famous writer and his Daily Kick for today said the same thing. Is someone trying to tell me something?



  1. Hi there,
    tried to read the post, but it isn’t there.
    I get a note from The Universe everyday. Thoughts become things, choose the good ones!
    We all have doubts. It’s a head thing. If something really isn’t right for you, you will certainly feel it in your body. If it isn’t life threatening, feel the fear and dive through it.

    • Thanks for catching that Arlene. I’ve fixed the link so you should be able to read it now.

      I agree, sometimes the only thing we can do is dive right through. Off to do some swimming.

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