Posted by: victanguera | January 19, 2009

Still Stalled

Well, my best intentions aren’t working. Although I managed to write a bit more, I’m still stalled. I heard about writer’s block. Wow, is this what it feels like?

Contemplating possible reasons, I realized that in both recently started projects, there is no real antagonist. Both have a fairly strong protagonist. (One so strong I’m not even sure I like her). Last time, the character trait of the antagonist was the starting place for the novel and the main character came second. Certain aspects from my original what if question changed during the writing process, but it helped to shape and drive the story.

Recently, I pulled something out of a drawer that I wrote about eight years ago. It is quite rough around the edges, but I instantly remembered the “what if” question that started the whole thing in motion. And it was the character trait of the antagonist. There are possibilities in this piece that I’m not sure even exist in the present writing.

At least now I know why.



  1. Thanks for pointing me to Abney Park …loved the music and video and had lost track of the punk I used to listen to way back when, and really enjoy this new direction…hope that you also find your ‘new direction’ using the bridge of inspiration from the past to journey towards the future realized for you and your characters. Keep being fearless every day!

    See you soon,


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