Posted by: victanguera | January 8, 2009

Getting Unstuck

I was reading a blog that is focusing on writing questions this month. The question came up on how to move a plot forward when you are stuck. Wow, did that one resonate with me. Anyone watching that wonderful word count bar at the side has noticed a decided lack of movement.

Yes, I abandoned my novel. I had no idea where to take it next, partly because I didn’t really care about my main character. Reading this post was like a kick in the pants. The comment to push through when stuck was  exactly what I needed. Also, the idea that if things don’t work, throw stuff at your character. And it is how I managed to persevere last year.

This year, probably because of fear of revisions, I held back.

But hey, I promised myself that this year I would be fearless. Ooh, my poor MC. She’s in for it now.


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