Posted by: victanguera | November 19, 2008

Writing As Life

Everyone tells the aspiring writer “Show don’t tell.” Most of us muddle our way through, trying to figure out exactly what that means. Today, I had an epiphany.

I bumped into someone I met recently. We were chatting and I asked him whether he completed a task he mentioned last time I spoke with him. He proceeded to tell me what type of person he is, using this as his example. And I hate that kind of conversation. I want to find out for myself what you are like.

At home, I contemplated this wondering why we so often tell people what we are like, rather than letting them draw their own conclusions on our character. It is easier to tell people what we want them to know rather than take the time to show them by our actions who we are. And I thought, ah ha! I wanted to jump around and chortle. That is what they mean. OMG, I get it.

Let the reader watch over the shoulder of the character and draw their own conclusions. They may not be the conclusions we ‘want’ them to come to but as in life, actions speak louder than words.


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