Posted by: victanguera | October 30, 2008

Letting Go

This week’s homework for my writing course is to re-write a section of my WIP. From scratch. Without looking at what I’ve written previously. Ha ha. The instructor knows about my memory, right. Right? Okay, I guess he doesn’t.

This is extremely difficult. I started on Monday in class and didn’t get very far. I started thinking about it on Tuesday, but didn’t write anything new. Instead I went to tango and danced with all the boys. Yesterday after work, I tried again. And failed.

It is that memory thing. I keep thinking of all those little words I want to keep. You know the ones—the brilliant, sparkly, shinning ones. The ones that if I just got rid of them, things would be better. The ones I should forget, but can’t.

Here’s to break-ups. The pain lessens with time.


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