Posted by: victanguera | October 16, 2008

Thinking Like a Reader

Thinking like a reader is different than thinking like a writer. When we write, words flow onto to the page. We are moved by character or plot or a combination of both. Often there are leaps of logic that we don’t even notice as our mind fills in gaps that haven’t actually been written but only thought out.

This is why it is so important to let a finished work sit in a drawer for a bit before reading it over. It allows those gaps in logic to fall from our rememberance before so we can read with fresh eyes.

As a reader, I can see things that don’t work in other writer’s work, and am able to forgive it if I really enjoy the book. I need that same objectivity when reading my own work so I can approach it as if I’d never read it before, start to finish no editing. I have yet to read it without revising something. Or noticing something. Or thinking that what I just read doesn’t work with what I wrote on page whatever. Unfortunately, I have a memory that won’t let go.

I want to approach it like a reader, with a sense of wonder, without analyzing whether this scene belongs before or after that one. I want to be able to read my work and answer the question: Would I read this book. Not because I have no choice, but because I want to.

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