Posted by: victanguera | September 3, 2008

New Projects

So September 1st, I decided to start another writing project. I’m over half way through the edits on last year’s NaNo and I really wish it was finished. I’ve re-written the first half several times. Polished it to a gleaming shine even. Almost. Maybe.

But the second half languishes, suffering from characters disappearing on me. I get to a certain point and realize I still haven’t fixed the problem and go back and look for them. I’ve fixed a number of issues, but several still remain. Sigh.

I figured with a new project I knew how to prevent certain issues. I have a much better idea of the plot for this one. So how come 3,800 words in and it already isn’t going where I thought it should? There goes the plot. Now I’ll have big gaps you could drive a truck through. Again.


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