Posted by: victanguera | August 26, 2008

More on plotlines

Yesterday I saw the newest Indiana Jones movie. I think I’m getting fusier regarding plot. Knowing how tricky it is to keep all the pieces straight in writing, I now expect it in movies too. I’ve always expected it in books, but in movies if you blow shit up, I’m good.

At the beginning of the movie, Indiana Jones was kidnapped by some Russian chick looking for a box in Area 51. Indiana finds it, chick takes it and drives off (narrowly escaping an atomic blast). At the end of the movie (spoiler alert–read no further if you haven’t seen the movie and still want to!) Indiana is trapped in a cave with various individuals including the Russian woman. And without the contents of the box.

Supposedly the box contained remains of an alien. No surprise there, after all the box was in Area 51. But after the need to find the box, it has NOTHING to do with the remainder of the plot. So hello, what was the point of trying to find the box. A couple of CIA dudes corner Indiana and rattle off some gibberish that has nothing to do with anything. Well except maybe to explain that the woman was looking for ‘stuff’ like what was in the box.

We are shown a knarled hand in the box. But it never does anything (like move perhaps). And again, at the end of the movie, all the aliens are gathered together in this little room. The missing skull wasn’t found in Area 51, and the skeleton wasn’t in the Russians backpack. So how did it get back where it belonged before everyone else? Just asking. George… Steven… anyone…


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