Posted by: victanguera | July 17, 2008

Sex in the City–Continuity Issue

Hopefully by now, everyone has seen Sex in the City and this won’t be a spoiler. For the most part, I enjoyed the movie, but one scene had such a large continuity issue it detracted tremendously from the plot. Before the wedding, Lily picks up Cary’s cell phone, doesn’t say anything and then places it in her purse. On the other end of said phone, Big is panicked. He calls Cary again and again leaving message after message. When Big isn’t at the library, Cary panics and calls Big on Miranda’s cell phone.

Cut to the mess that results. No wedding, Big standing in a pile of flower petals, tears etc. Cary is a mess, but agrees to head to Mexico with her friends. So far I’m okay. As far as I’m concerned, the cell phone is moldering in Lily’s purse to be found… later. Who cares when, or even whether, it is found. The lack of a phone served its purpose.

Except on the beach after Cary starts to pull herself together just a bit, she suddenly has the cell phone. She sits there and listens to Big’s voice as he begs her to call him. She tosses the phone into the waves. But how the hell did she get the cell phone? Why wasn’t it shown when the phone was found in Lily’s purse?

More was made of Miranda’s offhand remark to Big. This was also a factor in Big’s decision, but if he’d been able to reach Cary everything would have been fine. So why wasn’t I shown when the cell phone was found in Lily’s purse? Did Charlotte find it and slip it into Cary’s bag thinking it was unimportant? Why not show me that. Everything else would still have followed perfectly well, but I needed to see that, especially after making an issue of it. Otherwise, she should never have found the cell phone.


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