Posted by: victanguera | May 1, 2008


As I re-write, I’m realizing my novel is a bit like an archaeological dig. I’ve found bones here and there and constructed them into something resembling a skeleton. Then I stand back and look at it and wonder why it has three arms, is missing a leg and has something strange growing out of its ear. So carefully, I extract the thing from the ear and examine it, unsure what it might be. So I set it aside for later. Maybe it doesn’t belong to this skeleton, but comes from something else. The extra arm/missing leg is simple–prune from here, move to there. But wait, I missed something essential in the move. Could this be the missing part? Nope. Maybe I didn’t find all the skeleton. So I set that aside for later as well. Slowly, the true shape is taking form. Some of those items found will not belong, some will need careful digging to find what I missed in the dirt.

Then, I can shape flesh for the bones of my story. That will be the fun part.


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