Posted by: victanguera | April 3, 2008

Post NaNo

It has been four months since NaNoWriMo. Although I finished the 50,000 word count (plus roughly 1,000 extra for good measure), it took another month to complete the story itself. On reflection, the beginning and ending were rather lame. I was so tired of the story by the end, I just threw some words on the page and saved it knowing I’d go back to fix it later. The beginning, well what can I say. Writing 1,666 words a day when I hadn’t written much beyond a blog post here and there proved to be–interesting. It took a few days, but a rhythm developed and the middle bit was somewhat easier.

From there, I let it sit in a drawer (actually on my night stand). I started to sleep again. And socialize more. But I kept thinking about the story. I tried not to. I wanted to let it rest long enough that the major details fell to the back of my mind so I could read it through as if I’d never encountered the story before. Like that would work, I’ve reread stories years later and remembered the ending by the third line in.

Instead, I joined a writing group and sent it to a friend to read. The friend loved it, which didn’t help. I’ve been very busy in the last month, and I’m feeling the story slipping away from my mind. I’m happy about that. Now I can attack it with with a fresh eye. As I’ve gone back to look at the beginning, I can see a new way to start the story and a way to tie a few thing together that weren’t working.

This blog will be my thoughts and processes on writing and the journey towards an end goal of publishing.


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